Book Notes

Broke to Breakthrough

This book is a fantastic story of entreprenuership and innovation and dies into the journey of Hatsun group, India's largest private dairy.

The Indigo Story

This book gives a look behind the exceptional journey of Indigo Airlines, the market leader in Indian civil aviation. It also served as a useful primer into the industry.

What is Free Trade?

This book explains merits of Free Trade and a liberal world order. Fredric Bastiat takes apart, piece by piece, the arguments that impede free trade & promote protective tariffs. He explores multiple arguments and reasoning that are employed to justify the illiberal practices.

Economics in One Lesson

This book teaches you to look beyond the obvious and the immediate and in doing so points out numerous economic fallacies that have gained prominence in public discourse.

Annihilation of Caste

Based on a speech that he was not able to deliver, in this extremly honest book Dr. B. R. Ambedkar disects his objections to caste system, its historical background and the various arguments as well as startegies to eradicate it.

Book Notes: What and Why?

Book notes, as the name suggests, are notes created by a reader while or after reading a book, usually non-fiction.


While my primary motivation for creating these book notes was for personal consumption. I read a lot and often times forget certain details. Book notes help me manage the knowledge I am consuming.

The motivation for sharing comes from a sense of passing on knowledge as well as collaboration. While the respective authors own the rights to their words, the ideas expressed often deserve wider dispersion. Book notes also help students, who might not have the time or resources to read the book, to atleast learn from it. But the most common usecase of book summaries is for people to refresh what they've already read without going through a book again.

Are Book Notes a Substitute of books?

No. Book notes are not a substitute for books. A summary of a few hundred words can never replace an entire text of thousands of words.

Moreover, a writer of book notes should, in my view, provide the link where the book is available for others to read as well as try to be respectful of the efforts of the original author. To this end, there should be a conscious and deliberate effort to impress upon your readers to by the book if they can. One doesn't have to push the book like a salesperson, but don't act like a pirate either

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